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Are you paying more than your fair share of property taxes?
If so you may be able to get your assessment reduced.
We can tell you very quickly if your property qualifies for assessment appeal.

  • A large percentage of owners are over assessed. We can tell you if your property qualifies, and how much you may gain if successfully appealed.
  • A successful assessment appeal can save you thousands of dollars each year.
  • If you’re not over assessed you can view full details of your property for free.
  • If you are over assessed there is a $15.00 charge to add financial details of how you could benefit from a successful appeal.
  • Our coverage includes eight counties in Southeast Pennsylvania including Berks, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Lehigh, Montgomery, Northampton and Philadelphia.
  • There are certain requirements that must be met for a property to qualify for over assessment processing. Click on Read More for more information. Read More...  

Welcome to checkmyassessment.com, driven by MEA.If you are thinking about an assessment appeal, this is the right place to start We work in the Pennsylvania counties of Berks, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Lehigh, Montgomery, Northampton, and Philadelphia, which represents about 40 % of Pennsylvania population Our inventory extends back to July 2008 (the date when the real estate collapse was first felt) for most counties. Exceptions include Lehigh and Philadelphia counties, both of whom conducted county wide reasessments since 2008

To qualify as appeal candidates the property type must be residential, commercial or industrial, fully taxable and sales must be arms length. We process each property that satisfies these conditions only if it has been sold within 7/1/2008 and current date. We then compute the market value for that timeframe and compare it to the sale price. We tag any property with a variance of fifteen percent or greater between these figures. We update the system monthly and recreate the entire inventory in order to reset properties that have had subsequent assessment appeals and are no longer out of alignment.

All that you need to start using the system is to click on the Continue button.A screen will appear inviting you to select a county and either an owner name or address. All owner names and addresses are preloaded throughout all eight counties.Matching names or addresses will then be displayed. Locate your property and click on it. All listed properties will have either a View Now or Buy Now button. Clicking on the View Now button indicates your property is not over assessed, and a comprehensive display of your property details will appear. There is no charge for viewing properties not currently over assessed.

A Buy Now button indicates your property is over assessed. There is a $15 dollar charge plus Pennsylvania sales tax for viewing property detail of over assessed properties. Clicking on the Buy Now button brings up a disclaimer screen that must be agreed to in order to continue. A Paypal transaction screen will then appear .All major credit and debit scards are accepted, as well as current PayPal accounts.Upon completing payment information full property details will be displayed as well as assessment status including a proposed value for a reduced assessment, reduced taxes and dollar savings. Taxmaps can also be displayed, and all property information can be downloaded as a pdf for local printing.

Our purpose is to assist you in deciding whether your property might qualify for tax adjustment. What we offer is only a starting point though. If you are a candidate for appeal it is important to note that your next step should be to contact an appraiser or attorney. We don't do appeal work, nor are we affiliated with anyone who does. Our main website www.MEAdata.com has many additional features including comprehensive database and demographic searches, export, county wide lists of over/under assessments and more. Check us out if you need more capability.